Specialty Packaging Equipment Manufacturer by Packaging Efficiency Solutions

SF-120 Slat Filler

The SF-120 is a slat filling machine that offers speed, accuracy, and ease of use.  It fills up to 10 containers per cycle achieving speeds of up to 150 bottles per minute (BPM) for a 100 count container.  The hopper and vibrator configuration generates incredible fill rates for all varieties of tablets or capsules.  An advanced program and easy to use HMI allow users to create recipes and make all necessary changes to obtain the greatest speeds and results possible.  The system also has many security and tracking features which make the machine adoptable to any SOP environment.

The machine has many disassembly features which permits for fast breakdown of contact parts for cleaning without the use of any tools.  This machine was designed with quick changeover and minimal down time in mind.  The SF-120 will make a great addition to any packaging line.