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PES-WL-200 Labeling System

The PES-WL-200 Wrap Labeler will neatly and cleanly apply a label that looks great every time. Our labelers focus on speed, accuracy, and ease of changeover. Capable of running at speed up to 200 BPM, the WL-200, is a fully integrated, servo driven system designed with all of your pharmaceutical inspection and tracking requirements in mind.

• Capable of running speeds up to 200 BPM (Bottles Per Minute)
• Base assembly consists of aluminum frame with 304 stainless steel access panels, #4 brushed finish
• Base assembly mounted electrical panel (UL)
• Solid fixed mounting points for PES sanitary style conveyor
• Head support assembly support with vertical and horizontal axis adjustment
• Adjustment mechanisms with digital counters for repeatability
• Servo motor driven wrap belt assembly
• Feed screw indexing system
• Down bottle detection by means of photo-electric sensing
• Low label detector to warn when the label roll is getting low.
• Broken web detector to stop if the web breaks
• Light stack to display equipment status
• Encoder based reject tracking for optional inspection systems
• Reject verification and fail safe operation for optional inspection systems


The WL-200 Wrap Labeler is available with many options to fit your need.  A sales representative will be happy to assist in selecting what options best fit any application.  The WL-200 Labeler is capable of running a simple wrap label with no coding or inspection to a fully optimized system with coding, multiple inspection, and serialization.