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To our Valued Business Partners,

Packaging Efficiency Solutions remains open for business to support our customers in this time of need. We understand that our customers are on the front lines in the battle against the virus, and we are here to ensure that the support is available that you need to keep your vital businesses running. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and visitors continues to be a number one priority for our leadership team.

We have organized ourselves to maintain our operations at the highest possible level of effectiveness. As an essential business, we are following the NJ guidelines for operating a manufacturing facility:

  • We are minimizing the number of employees in the manufacturing facility as best we can while still maintaining output.
  • Those employees that can work from home are encouraged to do so.
  • Those employees that are uncomfortable working at this time, or that need to focus on family obligations, are encouraged to take the time they need to get through this situation.
  • We introduced restrictions for external people coming to our premises.
  • We are limiting travel to only the most extreme circumstances, when on-site support is necessary to ensure that our customers can produce those products that the market needs. This travel must be approved by PES management and must be formally requested in writing with detailed information as to the urgency of the matter.
  • We have invested in additional web conferencing software licenses across multiple providers and we are making additional remote support PCs available to allow our technicians and engineers to engage our customers from home or from PES facility.

Packaging Efficiency Solutions takes pride in providing the best possible customer support and we will continue to do so.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to us or submit a support ticket through our website, https://packagingefficiency.com/submit-ticket/.

Please take care. We look forward to seeing you in person as soon as possible,



Andrew Smith

General Manager (LLC Member)

Packaging Efficiency Solutions, LLC


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